2019-07-05 Disable startup logs of Tomcat in Eclipse
2019-06-15 Obchodování pro programátory
2019-05-27 Mým fuckupům
2019-02-03 Ubuntu: Login loop
2019-02-03 Leaving LinkedIn
2019-01-26 LinkedIn: Odcházení
2018-11-29 git gui: Add pull and stash commands
2018-07-28 Bosch Silence Plus + code E24
2018-07-28 Using LXC virtualization for testing server installation
2018-07-20 Ubuntu 18.04 and unprivileged LXC
2018-07-19 Workspaces grid in Ubuntu 18.04
2018-07-18 Workspace lover
2018-04-18 Pod lampou
2018-03-26 Leaving Facebook
2018-03-25 Facebook: Odcházení
2018-02-18 Why I am not afraid of nowadays technologies
2018-01-28 DIY pokus: Destilace z kvasu
2018-01-15 Hello Ruby: Dobrodružné programování
2017-12-28 Edison EdBlocks: Using remote control
2017-12-28 Edison 2.0 received!
2017-11-23 JS debug: visually compare two objects or JSONs in browser
2017-11-16 4 tips to return multiple values
2017-11-08 Reakce na článek: Úvaha listopadová spojená s prokletím
2017-09-22 DisplayLink drivers on Ubuntu 17.10
2017-08-10 i-tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station & Ubuntu 16.04.3 or newer kernels
2017-06-23 React.js and MobX: Escape the Redux trap
2017-05-29 Lambda: simplify method calls
2017-05-09 jOOQ & Immutables & Jackson: Great together
2017-03-24 React.js components with embedded styles
2017-01-30 React.js: Build your components catalog
2017-01-20 Embedding React into legacy web pages
2016-11-21 Selenium: Get rid of logs in Eclipse
2016-11-07 git gui: Error when opening dialogs
2016-10-27 i-tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station & Ubuntu 16.04
2016-10-27 Dell Inspiron 15 (7559), Ubuntu 16.04 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
2016-07-14 PAC manager: Slow clipboard paste by middle click
2016-06-23 Gradle + Immutables + Eclipse
2016-06-15 Music that resonates with my brain
2016-06-15 Believe Driven Development
2016-06-15 Log4j config: Use Tomcat context params
2016-05-26 SimpleDateFormat is NOT immutable
2016-05-19 REST interface polling recorder
2016-04-27 Upstart: init process consumes 100% cpu and big amount of memory
2016-04-03 JavaFX: Instantiate Application within Spring Context
2016-04-01 JavaFX: Dynamic context menu on TreeView
2016-03-29 Setkání v parku
2016-03-15 Java 8: Map does not look up keys which obviously contains!
2016-02-10 text-overflow: ellipsis from left
2016-01-26 Gradle: Spring + FatJar = dependency on Internet connection
2016-01-16 Limit your procrastination in Chrome: extension WasteNoTime
2016-01-13 How to connect VisualVM to directly invisible server using single port
2015-11-20 Neuron visualizations
2015-11-20 Modern approach to AI
2015-11-12 Gradle + Jar (FatJar): "Could not copy zip entry" error message
2015-11-12 Gradle + Eclipse plugin: Add AspectJ nature into projects
2015-11-12 Gradle + Eclipse plugin: Remove build folder from Eclipse project
2015-10-23 Execution limiter using lambda
2015-08-26 @ViewScoped bean functionality unavailable
2015-07-31 Add dynamic properties into Spring using annotations
2015-07-22 Ultimate AspectJ method tracing
2015-07-20 AspectJ and Gradle
2015-07-20 Run gradle task on subproject
2015-07-17 AspectJ LTW + Tomcat 8 + Eclipse + OpenJDK 8
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