Music that resonates with my brain

I usually prefer songs with strong lyrics. But sometimes I meet melody that resonates deeply inside me. This experience is probably not universal - I doubt that wide audience would appreciate this list that high. It is more than “I like it”, it is much much deeper experience.

As you may find in post Modern approach to AI I like hierarchical model of brains. And I believe that this experience happens deep inside of this hierarchy. Recently I read William Calvin’s The Cerebral Symphony. And I get idea of multiple parallel hierarchies causing local excitement on certain level. Using darwinism are then found winners that may excite higher levels. It helped me a lot in thinking about brain structure - in previous thinking I was too limited by idea of single hierarchy and had problems with biological topology.

Resonating with music is that kind of  experience you can’t tell easily by human language - because human language was created to describe world around us - and that happens on shallow levels of hierarchy. This happens much deeper - I would not hesitate to call this deep levels soul. And people that can describe that experience are artists. Books, music, poetry, painting, films. By such methods they can describe abstract terms like love, faith, democracy, justice. And maybe build new representation deep inside of you - as sometimes happen after good book or film. And you can - if you are not an artist - express such abstract terms only using metaphors and examples. And only poorly.

Every single person having own representation deep inside may explain many clashes in society. For example Donald Trump’s internal representation of democracy is way different than mine :-)

Here goes list of my über-melodies. Do we share some of them?


Classic music:

World music:

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