Curriculum vitae


Name: Jaroslav Kuboš
Location: Brno, Czech Republic, European Union

Work experience

[2016-present] CTO @

Responsible for technical aspects of Navigo3

[2011-2016] Founder @

Job offers portal. Job offers were crawled by custome crawler from web pages of employers. Shut down for lack of business model.

[2015-2016] Senior Java Programmer @ Kinalisoft

Programmer of depletion prediction system for SMT mounting machines crafted by Mycronic.

[2009-2011] Head Of Support @ CloverDX

Manager of support department responsible for L1 to L3 customer support of CloverDX products.

[2009-2011] Team Leader and software architect @ Amberg Technologies

Architect and team leader on Tunnel Seismic Prediction project

[2007-2009] Software Developer @ Amberg Technologies

Programmer of Web GIS project based on Ruby on Rails

[2002-2007] Junior Software Developer @ Amberg Technologies

Researcher of algorithms for 2D processing of laser scan data


[2005-2007] Master Of Science @ Brno University Of Technology

[2002-2005] Bachelor @ Brno University Of Technology

[1998-2002] Student @ High School IT And Electrical Engineering

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