Edison 2.0 received!

Month ago I ordered Edison 2.0 for my children 5 and 8 years old. Today it was delivered - unfortunately 4 days after Christmas :-) On the other hand I have possibility to play with it before I will pass it to children. So I can avoid frustration when something in environment does not work.

Lets define my perspective from which I will explore world of Edison: I am programmer for almost 20 years. I have worked with many technologies from assembler to web programming, from DOS to Linux. So I am not really beginner in IT. On the other hand I am complete newbie in teaching IT. So I will experiment on my own kids :-)

Edison 2

I like wrapping of Edison. It was so compact I was in doubts that I have ordered correct thing. But Edison appeared and I calmed down. Until I found out there is no data cable :-) It was hidden in battery shaft… That allowed creators to keep box shape of whole package.

After unwrapping it was really quite simple to start. First two activities are described on box of Edison in IKEA style. Then I was able to write some basic EdBlocks programs quite easily, connect Edison and upload program. All this is done in EdBlocksApp available online - no installation or drivers is required. You just connect data cable to your PC/tabled/phone audio output and sending program into Edison is done by sound (converted to light on Edison side). Do you remember old phone lines modems? It works and sounds similarly.

So first impression is really good. I believe this can handle even total newbie.

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