i-tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station & Ubuntu 16.04.3 or newer kernels

[There is updated article for Ubuntu 17.10]

There are older articles (first, second) about my issues with graphic on my hardware (Dell Inspiron 15 7559 and i-tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station).

Recently I have updated to Ubuntu 16.04.3 (kernel 4.10) so which configuration works now?

It is still necessary to block nvidia and nouveau modules in blacklist.conf. Package bbswitch-dkms is no longer required. Then monitor connected through i-tec docking station is visible in display settings. But when desktop is extended to it then is keeps to be blank. For my setup works first workaround mentioned in DisplayLink knowledge base.

Then everything works fine…..except of annoying flickering of cursor!!! There are some workarounds but unfortunately none works for me :(

I wish one day problems with graphic cards disappear on Linux. I remember trying Linux for the first time.  There was CD attached to paper magazine. It was around year 2000. Guess why I was not able to use it?! Graphic card issues! Since then I had issue with EVERY graphic card I have used. Intel, ATI, NVidia.


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