Limit your procrastination in Chrome: extension WasteNoTime

You know that. Life of a programmer is full of small periods of waiting. For compiler, program execution, test result, etc. And although you work hard to eliminate those they still exists.

Twenty seconds, minute or two long waiting happens many times in a day. So one is tempted to spend this time somehow. I have noticed that I spend more time than I would like with activities like checking new mails, twitter, news. It is definitely addiction - I do it automatically and I don’t like it. And yes, a lot of people suffers same issue.

Maybe I could during waiting do something more valuable like reading an article? Because I spend this micro breaks in Chrome and on only few sites, I was looking for some solution for it. I found plugin called WasteNoTime.


It works on simple principle. You define amount of time you would like to spent and list of sites which counts to it. When you spent more time that set you get for all blocked pages:


I set 15 minutes a day and it helped me a lot. After few weeks of using it I even do not spend all given time. So I rate this tool positively. It would be event better if it would limit number of page loads - because 15 minutes gives you 180 quick checks of twitter :-)

Tags:  procrastination